Why did this work win?

It fit so many of the criteria we were measuring.

Judge Brian Singer

About the work

"Color" is a visual essay of an interview with American stylist Shirley Kurata. Kurata believes that we wield power through our choice of dress; Kim was attracted to Kurata's narrative and chose it as the basis of her animation.


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We all look different. Whether we are tall or short, with light or dark skin, whether we have blue eyes or brown eyes – when we unify our appearance through wardrobe and gather in one place, we become visually appealing in a new way.

Kim focused on several different characters and wardrobe styles in her animation, choosing elements that effectively spoke to Kurata's narrative. By clearly defining her color palette, she shows how wardrobe can unite, connect, and bring joy to people.

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about wooyoung

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Wooyoung Kim is a graphic and motion designer and recent graduate of New York City's School of Visual Arts. She currently works as a freelance motion graphic designer. Her passion is bringing the creations she sees in her mind's eye to life; she animates in 2D, loves playing with keyframes, and creating character motions. She was selected a winner of the American Illustration – American Photography International Motion Art Award for her self-promotional animation, "Belonging." When not designing, she likes to explore New York, scout cozy restaurants, and get out in nature with her camera.

Winner Experience
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Designers should be messengers of a continuous society, demonstrating new perspectives in art through their work.