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The Adobe Awards are open to all aspiring young creators who are over the age of 18. Adobe tools must have contributed to the creation of your entry.

Career art and design professionals are NOT eligible. If you have professional experience and training in any creative field that puts you at a distinct advantage over students and emerging creators, your entry will be disqualified.

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เจ๋ง means "cool" or "rad" in Thai. . . Eastern glyphs and symbols are often appropriated by colonizers, one example being Chinese and Japanese kanji and now in contemporary times, Batok tattoos from the Philippines. By lettering and illustrating Thai characters in my style, I'm taking ownership of what I perceive my culture to be by popularizing images of the Thai language before the glyphs become appropriated as the "next new fad” by those who have no connection to the culture. . The irony is that me learning more about my language and creating art involving my language is in a way Westernizing the culture, creating my self portrait of a bastardized child being born in Thailand but raised in the US. Making art like this is empowering to me as an artist and as a Thai immigrant. It’s also really fun to draw something like this because of the challenge. When I had the idea, I honestly thought I’d fail so it’s amazing to see an idea go completely through. . According to the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning council, over 1,100 physical & verbal hate crimes against Asian Americans have been reported over two weeks. Being proud to be Asian American during this time is more important than ever. I’m definitely still proud of my identity and I always will be. — If anyone would like to support me, there's a link in my bio to purchase a hoodie. Because you read down to here, here's a promo code to get $5 off your order: CHROME • Thank you.

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Probably shouldn’t, what do you think?

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