Answers to your questions.

by Bryant Nichols
University of Cincinnati

How many times can I submit?

You can submit three unique entries in each competition category. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

What is the early bird submission deadline?

The first batch of Semifinalists are chosen after the early bird submission deadline. If you don’t make the first round of semifinals at that time, get back to work and submit again for another shot in the second round (yep – that’s allowed!)! The earlier you get your work in, the more attention it gets.

Are recent graduates or graduating students allowed to enter?

If you’ve recently graduated, or you’re currently a student graduating in spring 2019, you’re still eligible to enter the 2019 ADAA as long as you’re entering work made while you were a student, and not before May 1, 2018.

What is the Adobe Awards Slack workspace for?

Slack is where we share all notifications about the competition directly with entrants. It’s also where you can chat with your fellow entrants, and where Adobe will contact you directly if needed – and where you can contact Adobe! So ask your questions, connect with other students, and take advantage of all the competition has to offer.

When do the judges first see my work?

The preselection judges will view all entries submitted after each deadline (the Early Bird deadline and the Final Submission Deadline). The final judging panel will convene to review all selected Semifinalist entries in August. You will not be permitted to update your projects on Behance between the Final Submission Deadline and final judging panel (precise lockdown dates on your entries will be announced in your submission dashboard).

What’s the difference between fine art, commercial and social impact?

Entries in the Fine Art segment are created for expression, aesthetics, or their own sake.

Entries in the Commercial segment are created for a client (fictional or real) – often, but not necessarily, for the purpose of promoting a product, service, person, place, or event.

Appropriate entries for Social Impact include designs intended to raise awareness of or provide innovations for socially impactful concepts as their main objective. The design may be delivered in any medium, including traditional, video, animation, or interactive media. The design delivery must effectively demonstrate an inspiring, impactful, and highly creative aesthetic or interface, regardless of medium. Designs will be judged on the ability to effectively educate the viewer regarding a specific cause or problem that needs attention in our world today. The design must show evidence of its potential to solve a societal problemand clearly aspire to meet unmet needs. Designs must be created primarily (over 50%) with Adobe tools.

I updated my project on behance but my changes don’t appear in the live gallery?

New submissions and changes to already-submitted Behance projects can take up to 24 hours until they are visible in the Live Gallery.

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