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It's a very strong idea, and it's just beautifully executed...

Judge Julio Martínez

About the work

"Incognita" is an interactive experience that follows the often-unseen narrative of global poverty. It was born from a prompt to design a meaningful infographic, and was heavily influenced by Lung's upbringing, growing up in affluent Hong Kong society amidst the city's enormous wealth gap.

As a result, "Incognita" brings awareness to the extent of invisible abject poverty in major global cities by allowing users to reflect on the issue through both objective and emotional lenses.


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Users are asked to draw their own conclusions based on information presented to them, but with a sense of urgency to contribute to the conversation. It it is a simple concept, fact-forward, reminiscent of the work of the effective nonprofits and foundations to which Lung later turned for further inspiration and research.


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Ethelia Lung describes herself as a “curious soul” with sky-high expectations and a stubborn determination to reach them. Her parents let her ship herself halfway around the world to design delightful experiences and take photos of everyday minutiae. After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in New Media Design, Ethelia has now buckled down for her dream job as Video Bingewatcher cum Interaction Designer at YouTube. Perfectionist by day and mother figure by night, crafting delightful experiences is her main hustle.

Winner Experience
at Adobe MAX

This project was a reminder to never stop designing from and for the heart.