Why did this work win?

It had very strong animations and excellent transitions...

Judge Beate Fritsch

About the work

Many people the world over suffer from panic disorders, and many of them are unaware of it. This group animation project seeks to help the afflicted recognize the symptoms of panic disorders and their seriousness.



Panic disorder is a serious and sensitive topic. Park, Hwang, and Kim sought first to convey this seriousness accurately in their animation. The real pain sufferers experience is represented through strong illustration and dramatically timed transitions.

Ultimately, the goal of the piece is to raise awareness and help sufferers find the support they need to cope with panic disorders.

Making of

about Doi, Yumi & Heewan

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Heewan Park is an artist creating under the moniker 'Wan', currently majoring in Media Communication Design. With a strong interest in human emotion and desire, she expresses herself and her experiences through her art. She's also inspired by music and interested in connecting her work to it.

Doi Hwang likes to make and draw things. Passionate about 3D animation, original characters form the backbone of Doi's video work, which is all about exploring diverse emotions.

Yumi Kim is currently studying video graphics, with a particular interest in harmonized infographics and video. Yumi plans to become a designer who effectively visualizes the inequalities experienced by social minorities.

Winner Experience
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We just want everyone to be alright.