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You start to see the gestalt of how humans have affected the environment; that beauty that we're experiencing is the veneer on something rather dark.

Judge Mark Del Lima

About the work

The photography book "HABITAT: Human-Altered Landscapes" explores the relationship between man and nature through aerial photography.

HABITAT: Human-altered Landscapes


The images of HABITAT take us out of our familiar field of view so that we might experience our planet – and our influence on it – from a new perspective. Hegen invites the viewer to comprehend the literal dimensions of human intervention on our environment. "If we better understand this planet we live on," he says, "we may also be able to use and shape it more sustainably in the future."

Photos for the project were taken from a helicopter, hot air balloon and by using a multicopter.

HABITAT was published in October of 2018.

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Tom Hegen works as a photographer and graphic designer in Munich, Germany. In his photo projects, he deals with the strong influence of humans on their environment. He studied communication design at the University of Augsburg in Germany, at Falmouth University in England, and at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, Germany. He uses the stylistic elements of abstraction and aestheticization in his aerial photography to draw attention to environmental issues.

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HABITAT and I really forged a relationship over two years of creation.