Why did this work win?

It's a very personal story... it just flowed very well, and the storytelling was very seamless.

Judge Christoffer Bjerre

About the work

They say it takes three generations for a culture to assimilate. But what comes next? "Every Grain of Rice" seeks to answer this question, by exploring cultural identity and love through food.


It is a personal exploration, based on Nguyen's experience of leaving home as a young adult and consequently learning that her mother expressed her love for her through food. The story is expertly edited, touching on themes of home and identity, food as a cultural marker – as more than just a source of substance.

In Nguyen's film, food is what binds a community together.


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about carol

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Carol Nguyen is an award-winning filmmaker based in Toronto. Carol has directed eight short films and has screened them in over 80 festivals around the globe. In 2017, she was named an ambassador for TIFF's Share Her Journey campaign, where she strived to empower diverse voices and women through her own stories and personal experiences in the film industry. Most recently, she was selected as a 2018 Sundance Ignite Fellow and Adobe Creativity Scholar. Today, Carol is continuing her passion for filmmaking at Concordia University in Montreal.

Winner Experience
at Adobe MAX

As I get older, my fear of losing my identity and home grows. This film is my way of taking on that fear.