Why did this work win?

It was just very fully-formed and hit on all cylinders.

Judge Christoffer Bjerre

About the work

Käfer - Kä•fer: Beetle in German.

Käfer Coffee + Roaster is an affordable, upscale coffee shop and roasting company at the center of this finely-executed packaging design concept.


united states

Richards' process began with extensive research: visiting grocery store aisles and coffeehouses to study packaging, bottling, and labeling, and even delving into insects once he settled on a beetle identity. This solid research foundation and preparation work are evident in the cohesive finished product, in which every detail has been thought through.


Making of

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Growing up, Jordan Richards was fascinated with the joyful experience he had when holding a well-designed product. Curious about the design process and people that could produce such happiness, he was driven to study design at Oklahoma State University. There, he discovered his true passion—and he hasn't stop dreaming big since. Currently, his main interests are interactive design, packaging design, and iconography. A Texas transplant, he now resides in Seattle, where he’s pursuing visual design in the tech industry.

Winner Experience
at Adobe MAX

I put my complete self in my projects and give it my absolute best. Then I examine how I can make what I thought was my best, better.