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It was on point. It was beautiful, it was magical...

Judge Kristine Arth

About the work

"Genderless" centers on a strong central concept – that fashion has no gender – and is flawlessly executed in every detail. Through Suri's lens, gender-neutral clothing is the new norm, and the so-called specified rules of fashion are broken.


Says Suri, "We no longer live in an era where males can't wear clothes designed for females or vice versa. We're moving toward a world where gender-neutral clothing is acceptable and there are no rules."

He credits his team and careful pre-production work with the strength of the resulting images. "We were able to shoot around 15 different looks in a day. Not much was done during the post-production process. I just did a little color correction and that's all."

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about suhail

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Suhail Suri is a freelance photographer and filmmaker based in New Delhi, India. He made an unexpected shift toward photography after working as an advanced swimming trainer. Always wanting to get into a creative field but not knowing where to get started, he joined the Fashion Communication program at Pearl Academy, New Delhi.

Today, just a couple years after first picking up a camera, he works with companies like Loreal, Kerastase and many other major brands in India. He's also extremely passionate about mixed martial arts, is an avid podcast-listener, and just likes learning new (and weird) stuff in general. He still hopes to make another major career leap some day and become a filmmaker.

Winner Experience
at Adobe MAX

Visualization is the most important part. If you can't see it in your head, then achieving it can be troublesome.