Why did this work win?

They weren't just doing a project for their own sake, they were doing it for the mass of the class.

Judge Kristine Arth

About the work

What is "progress"? That is the question at the heart of "Works in Progress: CalArts Graphic Design Program Show 2018".

Hong's massive project encompasses all the identity design and exhibition branding for a show that sought to present the tremendous growth and "progress" of CalArts Graphic Design students in 2018.


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Progress "is growth, development of ideas, and craft. Connecting meaning to form. Developing an eye for composition. It takes time. It means failure in order to learn. It is an ongoing journey."

Tape was used to emphasize progress as a process throughout. Tapetype, designed specifically for the exhibition, was constructed of straight lines and 45-degree strokes, and also reveals the process of making each character through use of color. For physical elements like posters, tape is employed functionally, as a tool.

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Junki Hong is a graphic designer from Seoul currently working at 2 × 4 in New York. Previously, he received his MFA in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts and BFA in Visual Communication Design from Konkuk University. He is experienced in branding, identity design, typography, editorial design, and motion graphics. He likes to play with type and explore geometry.

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My life is actually a work in progress.