Why did this work win?

It felt rich, and it felt original... to be funny is almost the hardest thing to do in this world...

Judge Forest Young

About the work

"That's So Muji" was a testament to a year of teamwork between Lee and Martiana. The quirky duo decided to create a fun compilation of oddly satisfying video snippets while staying true to the minimalism of the Muji brand.

Entry title

united states

The video succeeds in faithfully representing Muji's clean aesthetic, while the off-beat humor – in particular the trademark narration – elevates it to the level of uncanny.


Making of

Annette & brigitta interview

adobe Live

about annette & brigitta

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Annette Lee is currently an aspiring art director who wants to make meaningful work that still makes you laugh. She loves handwriting and creating personal projects for Red Babes Club, the joint empowerment Instagram she runs with Brigitta. Aside from her art life, she loves to hang out with her toy poodle and dance everywhere she goes.

Brigitta Martiana is a New York-based art director who recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts. She is passionate about both advertising and motion graphics. Her current hobbies include collecting mini figures, singing, and dressing up in colorful dresses.

Winner Experience
at Adobe MAX

This project was one of our first successes, where we maintained the humor we share as friends.