Why did this work win?

The whole thing feels as effortless and, oddly, identical to the environmental experience you can have in a store... to extend a screen-based experience into something that's familiar spatially was remarkable.

Judge Forest Young

About the work

"MUJI IOT Concept" is a personal project based on the assumption that the products of Japanese retailer MUJI are part of the Internet of Things.



The application contains only images and numbers, without any language. All main buttons are arranged in the thumb zone, and all adjustments are possible with motions that resemble using a remote control. The graphics change depending on the ON / OFF state of the product and how a user engages, adding an element of addictive fun.


Making of

about kihyun

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Ki-Hyun Kim is a freelance UX / UI and graphic designer based in Seoul. He currently studies Digital Media Design at Hongik University. He is in a tremendous period of learning and growth, working online with design agencies in China and the UK, and having already completed three internships. He currently holds a Samsung Design Membership.

Winner Experience
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It's most important to set goals and finish them. It does not matter if you succeed or fail in the process – only that you learned.