Why did this work win?

It's innovative. It's risky... We really appreciated the work that was put in. 

Judge Johnny Macri

About the work

The photography project “Conversation” is a journey: one that begins between acquaintances, but ends with the discovery of oneself.



In creating his photographs, Wonjun Jeong was inspired by the writings of French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas and his description of the Other: dissimilar and incommensurable to oneself. The Other appears as a visage. These manifestations – both natural and inevitable – could seem intrusive, but they also open a passageway linking one’s inner self as perceiving subject with the Other, allowing one to embrace the visage. Through this act, the Other is fully understood – one’s true self can be found.

In each photograph in this series, the space becomes the world where one encounters the Other, and the cloth tossed in the air becomes the medium that draws out one's relationship with the Other. The Other is a projection flashed into space; it actualizes when the visage materializes onto the tossed cloth. The act of capturing the moment signifies one's conversation with the Other. 

Making of

WONJUN interview

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Wonjun Jeong is a recent graduate of Hongik University's Fine Arts Design and Visual Communication Design program. In 2015 he co-founded the Seoul-based art commune Sailors with Sunkyung Kim. His “Conversation” won the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Award for Fine Art – Photography. His experimental works can be seen on Instagram at @zza_sam.

Winner Experience
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I'm focusing on creating images I have not seen before.