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The whole thing worked consistently and cleanly... Overall it was pretty sweet; very, very well thought out.

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In a global society where mass-produced goods are everywhere, consumables with regional character are hard to find. This is the challenge taken on in Wu’s “Packaging of Ekibens in Yilan”. 



The functional characteristics (closely aligned to the goods inside) and decoration of each of Wu’s meal boxes for Taiwan Railway are cultural indicators for the places a purchaser passes through. Wu’s delicate illustrations of towns and rural communities emphasize local characteristics even as the train cuts through borders on the map. 

The packaging becomes a catalyst for creating travel memories, as passengers are encouraged to immerse themselves in the cultural atmosphere of their journey. 

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Tzu Ying Wu is a graphic designer, illustrator, traveler, typeface fanatic, reading enthusiast, and Adobe Awards winner. She is currently living and working in Taipei.

With a background originally in literature, she has explored many roles, from secretary to barista and even professional backpacker for over a year. She loves to step out of her comfort zone; from skydiving to 3,000-mile roadtrips to going back to school to further her studies in design.

Research, experiments and playfulness are essential components of her practice; she delights in finding imaginative solutions for complex problems and moving ideas from good to great. Her focus is primarily in pattern, illustration and packaging. She’s had the chance to work with some amazing clients, fellow designers, and instructors on a range of projects serving academic units, local governments, fishery associations, and more.

Overall, she aims to create great experiences and real connections through the lens of design, and to elicit real emotion through her work. She has been freelancing full-time since 2017.

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I love to step out of my comfort zone.