Why did this work win?

There began to be this very natural but seamless quality that ran through the whole piece...

Judge Theresa Whitehill

About the work

Produced for LA agency Small Green Door during Liu's internship, this branding campaign illustrates four basic creative services – design, shoot, develop, and grow – each in a fresh and unique way. 


United States
Color was used as the initial focal point of the campaign; palettes were chosen to relate and communicate on four pillars. This eventually led to the integration of objects into each shoot, creating a harmonious tonal voice.

Small Green Door is an nteractive web design and product photography studio in Los Angeles, providing 5,000 square feet of modular, open industrial space suitable for photoset construction, gallery showings, and creative events. This work was featured on their website to illustrate their service offerings for clients. 

Making of

About shu-yao

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Born and raised in Taiwan, Brian Liu is currently a graphic design student at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. He's passionate about a diverse range of media, including print, digital, and collage. He draws inspiration from photography, vintage materials, graffiti, and Asian culture: especially his Taiwanese homeland. His work is rooted in research, iteration, and open dialogue. He prides himself on his thoughtful approach and creative communication. Branding is his greatest passion: discovering a brand voice, crafting an identity with creative thinking, passion, and love. He is eager to learn, always.

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at Adobe MAX

I like to take on challenges. I'm never afraid of the whitewater... I'm ready to solve problems and take risks.