Why did this work win?

There was a beautiful polish that was done to the entire work.

Judge Elise Granados

About the work

Why are we alive? What is our purpose? What makes each of us who we are, unique in our own way, and what makes us humans different from other lifeforms? Where did life itself first come from? An intersection point between biology and typography, TypoGrAphiC is a set of conceptual typefaces that explore and communicate various ideas about our genetic code and how it underlies all human life. It uses just 4 letters – the four bases in our DNA – to do so: A, C, G, and T.



This project explores a contrast: how something that is essentially a simple series of letters can manifest itself into something so complex, indefinable and multifaceted as life; how our origin and evolution from a single cell to a human being is all a result of encrypted code within DNA.

The TypoGrAphiC series is 100% functional. Test it out yourself.

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Dev Ethan Valladares has a double-Padawan braid and his initials spell out his name. He’s a graphic and motion designer, born and raised in Mumbai, and recently graduated (valedictorian!) in Visual Communication from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore. He’s interested in (among other things) figuring out the uncharted depths of the human experience, the context that India provides to the world of design, and the relationship between graphic design (visual communication practiced by trained designers) and memes (by the masses). Ultimately, his goal is to keep learning and using design to explore and understand the world around him.

Winner Experience
at Adobe MAX

If Nature can build all of this beauty by communicating through just four letters, why can't we?