Why did this work win?

There is so much going on in each frame, and the way that the story just carried itself through, it was fun to watch...

Judge Sonja Hernandez

About the work

Equipoise is an animated short film about positive and negative forces in our world, and their opposing but complementary relationship.


United States

Koo's animation is a delightful exploration of how these forces work together in perfect harmony, reacting to stimuli with grace and in balance and equilibrium.

Equipoise was produced as Koo's graduation film at the Rochester Institute of Technology under his thesis advisors Dan DeLuna, Chris Jackson, and Shaun Foster.

Making of


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Gung-Kai Koo was born in Taipei, Taiwan and has been pursuing motion design since 2013. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2016 and is currently based in New York. Besides his design pursuits, Gung-Kai is also passionate about cartoons, photography, vintage games and his children’s book collection.

Winner Experience
at Adobe MAX

The spirit of this film lies in how positivity and negativity work together.