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It's highly conceptual; we really hadn't seen anything like it before.

Judge Gordon Silveria

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On October 7, 2016, the city of Savannah, Georgia, witnessed one of the deadliest natural disasters of its time: Hurricane Matthew. "Residue" is an interactive book project that reflects on the aftermath of Matthew and its impact on the city. Highlighting destruction in an attempt to evoke empathy, the book narrates the story of Hurricane Matthew and Savannah's survival in a truly unique way.


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Being forced to evacuate Savannah as the hurricane approached made Chetan Singh Kunwar "extremely curious" as to what was unfolding around the city. He recalls being sheltered in Atlanta's Coca-Cola factory, "having a great time, completely unaware and unaffected". It was only when he returned home that the destruction of the storm became apparent.

Because the majority of Savannah's citizens evacuated before Matthew made landfall, Kunwar created "Residue" to raise awareness about the catastrophic nature of the storm. His interactive kit is a diary of destruction, a carrier of information decoded in a process compelling enough to hold even the most unaffected view at attention.

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Chetan Singh Kunwar is a New York based visual designer. He is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with an M.A in Graphic Design and Visual Experience. Design research, branding, typography, and illustration are some of his core strengths. As a professional, his practice primarily blends innovation and practicality to achieve excellence through various mediums. Originally from India, his work reflects his interest in conventional theories presented from a modern perspective.

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Residue is a response to a challenge: to translate fear, failure, strength, and victory all into one entity.