Why did this work win?

The contrast, the humor, the sense of personality that came across in the series as a whole... it made everyone in the room smile.

Judge Adriana Villagran

About the work

These 10 illustrations are Bueno's personal responses to the famous "Questionnaire" originally used by french TV host Bernard Pivot in his talk show "Bouillon de Culture" and later popularized by James Lipton in his American interview show, "Inside the Actor's Studio". The humorous, light-hearted approach to the series pairs excellently with the somewhat absurd questions themselves.



According to Bueno, the series began as a quick two-week warm up assignment to kick off the semester, but he "enjoyed working on it so much that I got permission from my professor to take the time I needed to fully flesh it out."


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about ben

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Ben Bueno is an illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel. He's a recent graduate of the Visual Communication department at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem where he focused on illustration and cartooning. He spends most of his time scrolling through art blogs, watching obscure horror movies and listening to Stephen King audio books. He finds inspiration in other artists and colleagues. His goal is to touch other people's lives with his work.

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Enjoy your work, other people can tell if you don't.