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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

You Are Not Okay

Heewan Park | yumi kim | 황 도이

Myongji University, Korea

Social Impact - Video Editing / Post-Production / Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Winner
Panic disorder is a serious illness that has been on the rise in recent years. No one is completely immune to it, and anyone can suffer this condition. 
YOU ARE NOT OKAY is a short animation produced focusing on the severity of panic disorder and its recognition. The main character in the video suffers from various physical symptoms and panic attacks for the first time. Without a reason, panic disorders, which anyone can catch, is a very serious disease in modern society, and anyone around us may suffer from panic disorders like him in this video. However, many patients do not realize that they are patients and are letting their condition worsen. Before their condition gets worse, it is very important to be aware of them as soon as possible. We would like to tell those who suffer from panic disorders that you are not weird, you are sick just because you are not OK. And we want them to be treated and free from pain. 
Directed/Written by  Heewan Park
3d Animation  Doi Hwang
2d Animation  Yumi Kim  /  Doi Hwang  /  Heewan Park
SoundFX  Heewan Park / Yumi Kim
Professor  Peter Lim
Voice  Jade
Special thanks to  Hyeji Kim & Evan, Jason Lee

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