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Dawning: The Allegory of the Cave

Sally Choi
Art Center College of Design, United States
Social Impact - Video Editing / Post-Production / Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Semifinalist

Dawning: The Allegory of the Cave​​​​​​​

Inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, we wanted to create a surreal narrative that communicates the idea that what we see and trust to be the reality is not always what it seems, due to the human ignorance and the influence of institutionalized systems in society. 

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is a philosophical discussion found in book vii of The Republic about what is reality and knowledge based on perception and experiences. 

Origin of knowledge 
Problem of representation 
Nature of reality itself 
Human Ignorance and Resistance to Change 


The narrative takes place in a futuristic world where people are isolated away from nature and the outside world by technology and a higher rule.

The protagonist lives in an enclosed technological room since birth which is a metaphor for the cave. They live in a controlled routine that is created so the people will live their lives in ignorance of the reality. In the room, three prisoners view projections and reflections and believe that this is all that is real because they have never experienced anything else. 

The protagonist is the only one that recognizes glitches in the room and tries to tell the others of what he sees. However, the others ignore his statements and continue living out their routinely, empty lives.

The protagonist realizes there might be more to life than what he knows. By the glitching messages, he is able to find an exit which introduces him to the real world where he encounters nature. He is pained by the brightness of the sun and the changes in the environment.

Directed and Produced by Esther Kim, Sally Choi, Yujin Kim, Phillip Han
Thank you.

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