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Apple Series

Marven Laguerre
SUNY ROCKLAND Community College, United States
Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
Category Semifinalist

I love Apple’s products, I have been a fan of them since I learned about the company. They inspire me a lot with their simplicity, yet beautiful design. Before I made this piece, I started to get some inspiration by listening to music on my iPhone with my Air Pods. As I was looking at my phone, I felt something and right away I closed my eyes and started thinking. I used procreate on my iPad Pro to sketch the ideas, then transfer it to illustrator. From that I added more and took out some.

Apple Inspired

Poster design
Possible poster design to display and promote the company's products. This illustration was inspired by Apple's most loved products including the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch etc. 
Adobe Awards: Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print

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