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Kaijie Chen
Philadelphia University, United States
Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
Category Semifinalist

This was a project of Surface Imaging graduate thesis at Philadelphia University in August 2016.

‘Haptics’ is chosen as a concept to address and incorporate different senses in architectural design by crossing the normal boundaries of the optic experience and expanding to a three dimensional and tactile enviroment. ‘Haptics’ is to make the invisible visible and intends to question the relativity of perception and how it informs the apprehension of our surroundings. The products are mostly made of recycle materials (PETG) by giving a new life and fresh look to these neglected daily waste. 

The Haptics Collection blends characteristics of handmade and technological, opening a door to fascinating colors and patterns and transforming a two-dimensional sheet into a three-dimensional wall covering. I've experimented with effects of patterns and layers, while melding an evolution of traditional vacuum forming technique with cutting edge printing and laser cutting technologies to create a series of unique styles. The patterns have been digitally designed and printed with uv printer and solvent printer. Then I accentuated tactile experience in vacuuming forming process by placing dowel in different angles and carefully adjusting the temperature and the amount of air supply. The Haptics Collection provides a diversity by playing with abstract patterns, metallic finishing, gradual color shifts and layering.

PETG panel printed with chrome color and metallic finishing by using Eco-Solvent printer.
UV printed the same cloud pattern on both PETG panels with flexible ink. Distortion is created by overlapping the dimensional one on the top.
UV printed glitchy pattern on the top PETG panel without flexible ink which created ripple cracks while vacuum forming later. The PETG panel underneath is printed with chrome color by using Eco-Solvent printer and colors are revealed through the top panel.
UV printed on PETG panel. Implying a depth within topographical pattern.
The top right piece is a laser-cutted Styrene panel with dichroic film underneath.
Process Photos:
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