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Six Kids

程 奕甄
Yuan-Ze University, Taiwan
Category Top Talent

We hope that via our creation, viewers can gain a new perspective on the relationship between process and result. We first used a see-saw to trigger other parts of the device, launching a domino effect on the whole system. By presenting it as a circus show, we made sure that every moment was eye catching as well as entertaining to the audience. After observing our project, viewers may ponder: Isn’t every process we make can deeply effecting the outcome? What’s the meaning behind the process?
We selected the Medium Density Fiberboard as our main material. We combined the 3D printer and laser engraving technology to shape the components in order to make sure we cut the board precisely. Afterward, they were spliced and painted with different colors spray paints and assembled on the back platform.
As for our project concept, we adopted Newton's third law of motion, features of fixed pulleys, and the principles of siphon to operate our device and make the ball rolling smoothly through the end.

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