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Salt from the Reef

Kaitlyn Chai
RMIT University, Australia
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

Packaging design for sea salt sourced from the Great Barrier Reef

Salt from the Reef
"A Little Piece of Magic"
The Brief:
To design packaging for sea salt sourced from the Great Barrier Reef. This product will be sold exclusively at Australian airports and mainly targets tourists.
Salt from the Reef was inspired by the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef; as well as the fact that it is known as one of the most magical places on earth. The concept behind the product is that its salt is a preserved piece of magic from the waters surrounding the Barrier Reef. It is translated graphically with a modern interpretation of a treasure chest/magic box.
The packaging of the product was also ultimately designed to be a gift either to yourself or to others; as purchases made at airports are mostly bought as gifts or souvenirs.
The design does not only communicate what the product is, but has a personality of its own. The format in which the copy is written is casual and humorous. It blurs the disconnect between consumer and product and starts to create an illusion of relatability. 
A label is integrated on the side of the box with details about the salts origin and type. It displays information in a way where it’s easy to read, compared to having to read through a long paragraph in small print at the back of the box. Every box is also dated and signed to elevate the value of the product. It creates a sense of quality and illustrates the amount of care the brand puts into each product.
Made in 2019

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