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Zlin Design Week 2019

Milan Quang Nguyen | Martin Egrt
Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

Identity for Zlin Design Week 2019 with REVOLUTION as the theme.

About Zlin Design Week

Zlin Design Week is a unique project of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, whose cornerstone is the interconnection and cooperation of students of marketing communications and art studios. Young enthusiasm, undying energy and unquenchable design eagerness are the main drivers of students leading to organizing the largest design festival in Moravia.

In addition to education and entertainment for students, professionals and the public, Zlin Design Week aims to revive Zlin and recall its fundamental connection with design. A number of successful design companies that have emerged around this Bata industrial area only confirm this. Hand in hand with that fact goes the presence of Faculty of Multimedia Communications as a well of Czech design talent.

The fifth edition dominated Zlin with the theme of REVOLUTION and all the positives it evokes and leads to - new impulses, ways of thinking, courage to step out of a captured system, innovation. All these associations were the pillars of the rich weekly program of the festival - exhibitions of contemporary design, artists and companies, street installations, Design & Marketing conference, Vepřo knedlo design workshop’s, Best in Design competition of young talents, series of lectures Design on the border or PechaKucha Night, Spring cinema and a Grand Opening Party. We wanted to provoke a sensation that motivates and inspires to progress.
Visual identity

The concept is typographically based on the word REVOLUTION, which consists of three fixed parts, the rest is deformed to any height, which reminds of now widely used variable fonts – a revolution in typography. The word always adapts to the selected format. The gap in L is a distinctive expression that is used to either fill information about the event, or a photography is used with an object "flying throughthe gap" that can be viewed as a symbol of overcoming limiting restrictions in the revolution. Our goal was to make a distinctive visual identity on a first look that would be displayed in all parts of the Zlin Design Week.
Additional credits and thanks to our team

Pavlína Štefková Newspapers & other prints
Silvie Jakubková – [R]EVOLUTION exhibition of TBU Faculty of Multimedia Communications & navigation
Petr Motl  Animations & social media
Kristýna Bartoníková – Cars & social media
Photos – ​​​​​​​Kristína Opálková, Lukáš Procházka, Petra Bašnáková, Sabína Muráňová

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