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See Sky Pig

Nic Yulo
Columbia University, United States
Category Top Talent

A Picture Book Concept Design
There are 4 things you need to know about Pia:
1.   Pia is 6 years old.
2.   Pia lives on a farm. 
3.   Pia just found out that because of the way a pig’s neck and spine are built, they can’t ever look up and see the sky. No way, no how. Some pigs even go their whole lives without ever seeing the sky directly. They just can’t.  Not without help.
4.   Pia is on a mission.
See Sky Pig is the story of one lonely little girl’s quest to share the beauty of the world with every one of her four-legged friends. It chronicles her ingenuity as she devises different ways to help them see the sky, whether it be right-side up, upside down, sideways, slantways, and anywhere in between.
See Sky Pig is a picture book designed for ages 3-8 but hopes to have a universal message that kids and adults of all ages can relate to. The illustrations were sketched and then fully rendered and colored in Adobe Photoshop in a way that paid homage to their stylized, hand drawn roots. 
I tried a number of different palettes in finding the color scheme for See Sky Pig. Limiting myself to three colors in an effort to show a dynamic simplicity, I wanted the world to appear childlike and hopeful. Also, that way, no other cool tones were competing with the blue of the sky. The choice to make her hair blue was to signify her connection to it, and her efforts to share the joy she feels with her pig friends. 

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