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City Rails: Sustainable Train Set Packaging

Abbey Pitzer
Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), United States
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

I chose to redesign JAKKS Pacific Power Trains into a more sustainable toy company for kids called Trainsport. Trainsport manufacturers toys made out of recycled plastics. Its toy trains are made and distributed in the United States, which leaves less of a carbon footprint when compared to competitors. Trainsport cares about its packaging, which is why its packaging is developed to not be trashed right away. Instead, train track packages like City Rails becomes part of the play experience. Simply open the box, and flip it inside-out to reveal a cityscape that you can run your trains through. When kids are done playing with the cityscape, they can fold it up and place it in the cotton bag that keeps all of the train and track pieces in one spot for fast and easy cleanup. City Rails packaging and production is 94.89% more sustainable (saving 16.5 MJ/year) than the existing Power Trains packaging because of its extended life as a landscape and use of more sustainable materials.

Designer: Abbey Pitzer
Art Direction: Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel
CES Edupack & Sustainability Advisor: Dr. Ron Kander

This project placed among the Top Talent of the 2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

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