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Plum Abstraction Package Design

葉 涵芸
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

甜梅姨 梅精包裝|Plum Abstraction Package Design


Plum Abstraction is one of the products produced for preserved the plums.Grind up and simmer the fresh plum.That's why Plum Abstraction can be said contain the most nutrition.

The idea comes from the old-time country woman. That’s how this friendly and passionate character Sweet-plum Aunt had been created. The process of making and preserving the plum abstraction are shown on the  pattern. Symbolize every product is simmered carefully. Treat the customers as family. Arrange two products to different color matching. Combine the concepts of the plum abstraction container and the plum urn.
Title|甜梅姨 Plum Abstraction
Type|包裝視覺設計 Food Packaging Design
Designer|葉涵芸 Han-Yun, Yeh
Advisor|王韋堯  Wei-Yao, Wang
Year|January. 2019

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