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Kori Hirsch
Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), United States
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

Cadence! is a 3 week summer camp that keeps kids involved with music education. The camp is available in areas where school districts may not offer music education programs due to budget cuts. At the camp, kids from the ages 9-14 will learn how to play the drums. Cadence! aims to keep kids involved with music even when their education system fails to provide it.

The Problem:

Since the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, educational curriculums have shifted to ensure students achieve academic intelligence and overlook creative capacity. This creates a lack of interest in supporting extracurricular activities like music programs. This has resulted in 1.3 million students not having access to music education within their schools' curriculum. These students are being stripped of the opportunity to explore and identify new talents that would not be found in a structured class room. They are also being held back from experiencing the positive impacts music education has on the one's educational, personal, and social lives. 

Problem Statement: 

How might I create a system that allows kids to experience music in a new and exciting way outside of a school curriculum?

The Solution:

Cadence! is a 3-week summer music camp for kids ages 9-14 attending schools that do not offer a music program. Through the use of hands-on learning, kids are given the opportunity to experience music in a new and exciting way. The kids will learn how to play the drums, along with the basics of rhythm and music theory. The camp addresses different learning levels by offering different types of music to match every campers' growing abilities. Instead of playing the typical set of percussion instruments, kids will be playing buckets and other unconventional instruments. 

The Mission: 

Cadence! aims to help kids to understand rhythm, collaboration, and creativity through experiences that go beyond learning sheets of music. 

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Each kid will receive a bucket(s) with colored tops. The colors directly correspond to the notes of the music that the kids are playing. The music is broken down into three levels:

Beginner Level: The music shows only one color of note so that the camper can focus on his/her part and nail their own rhythm. 

Intermediate Level: The music shows multiple campers' parts so that they can begin to work as a whole and learn how to depend on each other to know their parts. 

Advanced Level: A camper would play all of the colored buckets at once and also be challenged to incorporate claps, stomps, and shouts into their performance. 

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