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Bauhaus Beyond Bars

Shivani Parasnis
Maryland Institute College of Art, United States
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

Imaginary Art School was a studio project that aimed at building a brand for a fictional art school, built for a specific audience. As a part of the brand, we designed the curriculum, broad areas of study, promotional posters, textbooks and merchandise for the school. Bauhaus Beyond Bars is a fictional bi-monthly, weekend design camp within prisons and penitentiaries that empowers the incarcerated through creative development, conceptual exploration, art and design thinking.

Textbooks were designed, based on the curriculum of the school that mainly encompassed four areas of study that the prisoners would engage in.
Merchandise for the school included handstitched notebooks for the incarcerated students to use, as well as tshirts and totebags available for people outside prison to buy.

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