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Family Dollhouse

Sarah Jefferson
The Art Institute of Colorado, United States
Commercial - Photography
Category Semifinalist

This project was created for a local nanny and management service. The image was inspired by the millions of parents across the nation who sometimes feel like they don't have enough help at home. Stay at home moms can testify to feeling overwhelmed with little support system to the challenges they face - between doctor appointments, extracurricular actives, and getting dinner on the table every night, it's a big job for just one person. By hiring help, parents can focus their energies on raising their children, not just managing them. 

I shot each subject separately, using the dollhouse belonging to the family as the background for the overall image. I used a Canon 6D, Canon speed light with wireless accessories, and a Joe McNally soft box for my speed light. In Photoshop, it was just a matter of using a variety of selection techniques for my subjects, shadow techniques for my background, and hue/sat manipulation on my background layer. 

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