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迴異Restore -the Adventure of Taiwanese monster and human

Yimi Jian | 廖 玟凱
National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Social Impact - Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic
Category Semifinalist

Taiwanese monster picture book

簡伊密 CHIEN, YI-MI / 美術作畫 artist / 編劇 scriptwriter / 排版設計Typographic design / 構想參與者  idea discuss

廖玟凱 LIAO, WEN-KAI / website designer /  構想參與者  idea discuss

林承謙 LIN, EDWARD / 指導老師 adviser
│概念敘述 Intro│



“Yao-guai” is a class of supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Taiwanese folklore.
Speak of supernatural non-human creature, we heard of some well-known characters from all over the world, such as vampire from England, werewolf from Germany, Qitian Dasheng(the monkey king) from China and tengu from Japan. However, we seldom heard of people talking about monsters or spirits from Taiwan, even people in Taiwan don't know the monsters culture of their own. So we decided to introduce Taiwanese yao-guai to people by creating a picture story book.
We named our project Restore. The story is about a man trying to bring his family back. 迴異(hueiyi) is the mandarin name of the project. It’s a paronomasia of memory.

|故事概要 Story Intro|

台灣高山佔了全島超過一半,儘管各地都有人類開發與居住,但在無數的山中,有許多角落人都還未發掘過,且有著人類無法理解的存在,為台灣山林增添了許多神秘色彩。 中部的某個山林中,不知從何時開始,越來越少人靠近,謠傳一旦進入此山,便再也回不來了。陳再為一個普通的上班族,在陰錯陽差下女兒迷失在山林中,為了救回女兒,一場人與鬼神的冒險就此展開。

Two-third of Taiwan island is covered by mountains. Although people live endlessly on this island. In several mountains, there's still somewhere human never been to. Something unknown also exists in it. There's a mountain on the center of the island. It is said that people who go in never came back. Zai is a normal man, he accidentally lost his daughter in this mountain. To bring his daughter back, the journey of human and non-human began.

│角色 Characters│
由左到右 From left to right:
-陳再 Chen Zai
The protagonist 
A normal man who loves his family very much.

-藍蝶 Lan Tieh
Zai's wife
A lady who loves orchid a lot. 

-陳雀熙 Chen Chasi
Zai's daughter
雨衣小飛俠 The Raincoat Guy

A strange and sassy guy who lives in the woods.

紅衣小女孩 The Red Clothes Girl
A wired girl who abducts people by illusion. 

火王爺 The Fire God
In Asian culture, fire god is a judge and executor. He'll let the phoenix out to the mankind world to seek for the sin.
玩球天神 The Ball Master
A man from firmament who dropped his beloved ball in mankind world and had conflicts with humans. Later, when he decided to go back to the sky. The people in the firmament thought he's an intruder. He end up being expelled from the god's world. Before being expelled, when he was in human's world, he met a little girl in Han village. 
無頭鬼與人魚 Headless and Mermaid
Headless was a human. He was beheaded by an aboriginal man and turn into a headless monster. He wandered and lived in the woods for a long time. One day, He woke up and found he's in a strange container.
The mermaid lived in the south of Penghu County with her family. She and her family wanted to move to another island to have a more peaceful life because Taiwan Strait was too dangerous for them. However, during the migration, she was separated from her family and washed ashore by the waves. Later, four strangers found her and took her to their place...
椅仔姑 The Chair Prophet
A little girl who was abused to death by her aunt. People started to pay respect to her to remember this poor little girl. Therefore, in the end, she became a god and got the power of telling fortune. Before her death, she met the ball master once and had her first time playing like a normal child.
鯊鹿兒 The Shark Deer
A kind of creature that has two different forms. 
琅嬌 Longkiauw
When it meows, the rats from miles will all hear it and all run away.
竹鬼 Bamboo Spirit
倒下的竹子,硬是要過去會被吊起來的呦! 但是無頭鬼没頭,所以對他沒用,對無頭鬼來講是個很好的庇護所呢...
When bamboo blocked the way, people should avoid forcing to pass through it. Or it'll hang up the passing passengers. However, it can't hang a person up who already had no head. It's a good shelter for headless.

投石鬼 Rock Trolls
A kind of monster that lives in the woods as well. They think the frightened face of Zai(protagonist) is hilarious.
百變怪 Shapeshifter
One of the monsters that was captured by the four strange people.
故事中的反派角色,為一個不知名的大機構工作。 他們會用儀器抓妖怪,再對動物或人類進行合成實驗。  
Villains who works for an unknown big institution. They captured monster or spirits and did synthetic experiment on animals.

由左到右 from left to right: 
-熊熊 Beary
-黑痞 Happyee
 experiment executor
-志明 Jhihming
 security guard, researcher
-七號 No. Seven
 Before the brain damage, their main job was a communicator and researcher.

|Some Pages from the picture Book|
|Picture Book Preview|
|Artbook Preview|
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