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Yu Yu
University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Taiwan
Commercial - Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Semifinalist

The search for loved ones never ends, even when they are no longer there.

Code: Daisy

Yu Yu’s USC Thesis Project, 2018
Director/ Animator/ Story/ Fabricator/ Designer

Daisy is a young girl who is being cared for by Ben, a robot caretaker, during wartime. After a bomb attack, Daisy vanishes. This begins Ben's search for her.

Director’s Statement   
As a filmmaker, Yu Yu is interested in stories about fear, desire, and addiction. All her independent stories explore characters pursuing their desires, yet in a disturbing manner. There is nothing wrong with wanting something, but it is important how people go about achieving it. Yu Yu continues to pursue complex subject matter with universal themes in her films.

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