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#endangeredfromAtoZ - 36 Days of Type 2017

Michelle Malréchauffé
ORT University, Uruguay
Social Impact - Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic
Category Semifinalist

36days is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give their particular view on the signs from our alphabet making one each day. We love animals but we aren't aware of how our daily actions are causing their extinction. For this edition my idea is to illustrate endangered species from A to Z and create awareness of the spectacular creatures that surround us before is too late. #endangeredfromAtoZ

A is for Aye-Aye |
B is for Black-footed ferret |
C is for Cassowary |
D is for Dhole |
E is for Eastern Lowland Gorilla |​​​​​​​
G is for Galapagos Penguin |
H is for Hawksbill Turtle |
I is for Indochinese Tiger |​​​​​​​
| J is for Jabiru Stork |
K is for Koala |
L is for Lion |
M is for Marine Iguana |
| N is for Narwhal |
O is for Orangutan |
P is for Polar Bear |
Q is for Quokka |
R is for Red Panda |​​​​​​​
| S is for Spotted Owl |​​​​​​​
T is for Tasmanian Devil |​​​​​​​
U is for Umbrellabird |​​​​​​​
V is for Vaquita |​​​​​​​
| W is for Wallace's golden birdwing butterfly |​​​​​​​
X is for Xantu's hummingbird |​​​​​​​
Y is for Yak |​​​​​​​

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