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Eggy Sensitive

Rose Ting-Yi Liu
OCAD University, Canada
Fine Art - Illustration
Category Semifinalist

illustration series about the highly sensitive people

About 15%-20% of the human population is born highly sensitive, with higher scores of sensory processing sensitivity. They are naturally more sensitive to stimuli - physical, emotional, psychological, societal, and environmental. “Eggy Sensitive” illustrates what it means to be made of more delicate material.
1. Eggy has a low tolerance to pain
2. Strong emotions are like a mob of birds inside Eggy
3. The world is so full and busy, it is overwhelming to Eggy
4. For Eggy, social interaction takes away energy
5. Feeling vulnerable is like having a personal storm
6. Being highly sensitive, Eggy is able notice and treasure even the smallest wonder
7. To Eggy, stimuli are always abundant
8. Even small noises can feel unbearable to Eggy
9. Solitude is Eggy’s haven
10. Eggy feels safe with a fellow highly sensitive friend

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