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Fading Culture, WEST EAST

Yisu Yu
OCAD University, Canada
Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
Category Semifinalist

Globalization homogenizes cultures. It is easier for people to understand other cultures by benefiting its product. In fact, without globalization, I would not be in Canada and notice how much globalization affects our lives. I feel that every cuisine communicates the epitome of a culture, because people learn cooking skills from generation to generation. Exploring the similarities and differences of cuisines can demonstrate what is fading through globalization. As an international student, I live in both countries: China and Canada. It is an interesting way to see how Chinese culture has been shown in Canada and how Canadian culture has been seen outside of this country. I would like to use Chinese cuisine as an example to reflect the similarities and differences between the cuisine in China and the one in Canada. I created the book that has two parts that can be opened from the middle; on the left is the western interpreted Chinese cuisine and on the right is the eastern traditional Chinese cuisine. In Chinese culture, the world is a combination of the five Chinese Elements- Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal. I have used the five elements as a metaphor for understanding the Chinese culture through its cuisine. I want people to feel like they are a part of Chinese culture when they interact with my book. In the book, each section is associated with one of the five Chinese elements.

Table setting, Black and White: Ying and Yang
Yue Cuisine
Drink Section
There are eight regional cuisines in China.
Yue Cuisine
Min Cuisine
Xiang Cuisine
Chuan Cuisine
Hui Cuisine
Zhe Cuisine
Su Cuisine
Lu Cuisine

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