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Odd One In

Ka Young Lee Lee
OCAD University, Canada
Fine Art - Illustration
Category Semifinalist

Odd One In is a series of illustrated pattern that questions the fluidity of our social contract

Odd One In visually interprets public routines as patterns. Illustrated with a single anomaly in each scenario, it challenges the fluidity of our unspoken social contracts.

Public routines exist in every organizations or society. Though these rules may not always exist in written format the gravity it processes cannot be denied. Some suggest these mundane public behaviors assist in governing interactions between organizational members and create efficient and safe public environment. Whereas to some these practices are behavioral constraints and imposed conformity to an individual. This series of illustration investigates such scenarios where one’s individuality becomes an anomaly to the whole. Will our individuality create chaos? 

This project is created using both analog and digital methods. Figures and detailed components of the images are hand drawn and rendered to its final state digitally. Through soothing pallets, organic textures, and geometric components this series of illustration embodies my unique personal style.

Whether the viewer relates more to the uniformity of the pattern or the anomaly, each image engages and intrigues an audience through interaction. This thesis targets everyone and anyone who are willing to question the normality of the conventional routines in our daily lives. 

The Swimmers illustrates an individual relaxing at a public pool. In contrast to the fast passed swimmers on the other lanes one man decides to take his time crossing the lane. As he slowly drifts away as he becomes an anomaly to the whole.
The Gallery portrays a sacred buffer zone between an artwork and the viewers. A single viewer breaks the barrier and becomes an anomaly to the whole.
The Lovers asks if being alone at a café full of lovers singles you out even more. As the girl in blue dress holds herself she breaks the pattern of embracing couples. 
The Macro Micro reflects on modern education system fostering a culture of conformity and compliance. While students look through a microscope, one student looks through a telescope. She stands out from the whole as she stands alone to pursue her interest against the conformity. 
The Peter Pan Syndrome pictures the pop-psychology concept of an adult who is socially immature in a mundane activity.  While participating at a Lamaze class, the reflection of a man with peter pan syndrome reveals his inner instinct to fly away and becomes the anomaly. 
O Natural examines the boundaries between neighbors. One man’s naturally grown lawn stands out amongst well-kept neighboring lawns. Although the contrasting lawn looks almost chaotic to the point of camouflaging the house itself, it carefully stays inside the perimeter of its own house. 
The Dog Walkers visually interprets unspoken social contract as a pattern. One dog walker becomes an anomaly when she chooses to repurpose her dog’s poop as fertilizer.
The Rakers depicts a group of workers raking the sandpit at a golf course. One worker deviates from his usual routine to indulge himself by making a Japanese Zen garden. The illustration poses an interesting questing whether finding one’s inner peace can become chaotic to others by becoming an anomaly. 

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