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Data Visualization - Child Labour

Ashley Proulx
OCAD University, Canada
Social Impact - Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic
Category Semifinalist

Using data from the World Databank, Who Made That For You illustrates the issue of child labour in developing countries. It uses the medium of a children’s touch & feel book to critique the sad reality where children in the western world have access to information like this while there are children on the other side of these statistics. Each cut out shape represents 100% of a full western work week (35 hours), the amount of the shape that is filled in with the texture is the percentage of a full western work week the average child in that country works. Who Made That For You aims to provoke critical thought surrounding the issue of child labour.

A W A R D S 

ADAA - Adobe Design Achievement Awards - Semifinalist - SOCIAL IMPACT - PHOTOGRAPHY / PRINT / ILLUSTRATION / GRAPHIC (2017)

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