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Bombay Showreel

Pulkit Goyal
IIT Bombay, India
Fine Art - Video Editing / Post-Production
Category Semifinalist

I do think of Mumbai as my Hometown. Those are the streets I walked when I was learning to walk. And it's the place that my imagination has returned to me more than anywhere else" - Salman Rushdie. The shores, the beaches, the chaos, the local, the dabbawallahs, the average middle class employee, the temples, the slums, the tourist spots, the Dhobi Ghat and inherent among all this a sense of serenity and piety which is the sole reason why Mumbai is loved by all its residents and which contributes to make India Incredible. The short documentary doesn’t limit itself to the markers and famous landmarks of Mumbai. On the contrary, it focuses on people, their emotions, rituals, traditions, occupation and figments that permeates the air of the city with vibrancy.

Bombay Showreel was a part of a film project by the students of the Film Club of IIT Bombay. We first listed down the famous locations and things that symbolize Mumbai in some way or the other and then decided on the music that we wanted to use for the documentary. After that we started to plan the transitions and shots to maintain the temporal and spatial movement of the film. We shot for four days over two weekends, adjusting the shots according to the locations. I used Adobe Premiere Pro for the linear editing and synchronization and Adobe After Effects for stabilization, color correction along with the plugin twixtor for slowing down parts of the video. 

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