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Carly Tyll
Ontario College of Art and Design University, Canada
Fine Art - Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Semifinalist

           Created with the idea of Einstein’s theory of relativity in mind, I wanted to project a discomposure in the acknowledgement of time as a means of connection to that which is beyond our own reality in the physical, as well as a disconnect with that which is in it. For this reason, I wanted to experiment with disjoining effect and causality in reference to the inherent interconnectedness of events, and as well as express the underlying principle of time as a directional incline towards entropy. In this regard, the film is laid out to be an upward expansion of complexity, progressively becoming more disordered, intense, colorful, and eventful.

           In order to balance out of the complexity of a concept such as time, I wanted to use the repetitive simplicity of a task, such as as to waking up and making breakfast, as a medium to distort the notion of time, disjoining and connecting elements of itself in a cyclical transformation. Stop-motion, likewise, is used to depict the interchangeability of parts over time, simultaneously depicting momentum in different directions. The arrow of time implies a past, present and future, yet, still under speculation, this may actually be an illusion, considering that the equations work both ways, and if you reverse a velocity, time reverses as well. With this notion in mind, I wanted to film the main portion in reverse in order to display a distortion in the otherwise natural progression of time. In addition, the narrative is structured in such a way as to conclude in coherence with a narrative which could also precede the beginning of main action, cutting an apple, in essence of the speculation that the big bang may not actually be the beginning, as well as in consideration of the cyclical nature of matter’s transformative process as finite in potentialities and bound to repeat. 

                                                                          Directed, Animated and Edited by Carly Tyll
                                                                                             Music by Dream City Orchestra

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