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Abraini, Luxury Pasta Packaging

Samantha Tully
RMIT University, Australia
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

This is a hypothetical student project for Abraini, a luxury pasta brand. The packaging is restrained, sophisticated and clean. Gold foiling has been used for a truly luxurious finish.

Artist's statement: 

This is a hypothetical student packaging product for Abraini's Su Filindeu pasta, also known as "The Threads of God". 

This packaging consists of a restrained, clean white box finished with touches of shiny gold foil. It is purposefully minimal as an overly embellished and flashy style would not be appropriate for the traditional, Sardinian heritage of the brand. Italian cooking is about using simple, quality ingredients to make something delicious - the packaging reflects this in its elegant simplicity. A hand-signed label from the creator, Paola Abraini, on top of the box adds a sense of authenticity and exclusivity.
How the project was produced:

This brief was for a luxury packaging design class so the design had to be high quality, luxurious and elegant. I wanted to DIY gold foil for a truly notable finish. The gold foiling was done by hand with heat-reactive gold foil and a laminator. The design was first printed with a laser printer so that the toner would melt and stick to the gold foil. The pasta is wrapped in transparent paper which has been printed with white foil. The logo was stippled for a sophisticated and hand made effect. The box is constructed from thick, textural paper.

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