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Light Odyssey

Rose Staff
Monash University, Australia
Motion Graphics + Animation
Category Top Talent

Projection Mapping the Empress Ballroom, for Lightpool Festival in the UK

Light Odyssey

Projection mapping of the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, UK
Projection Teknik created the projections for the classical piece ‘Danse Macabre’ which was written in 1875 by the French composer Camille 
Saint-Saëns. It was shown in the Light Odyssey exhibition, a one night special event held at the Winter Gardens Blackpool light festival in the UK. 

The projections were accompanied by a live performance from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

Blackpool has a very old and long history of holding light festivals since 1879. The original event preceded Thomas Edison’s patent of the electric light bulb by twelve months. The first festival used carbon arc lamps to generate their installations.

It took a total of 24  Panasonic Laser projectors to map the ballroom’s interior into a giant canvas.

This work was a collaboration between Rose Staff and Nick Azidis

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