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Digital Daydreams

Jesper Krijgsman
None, Switzerland
Print / Graphic
Category Top Talent

2018 Portfolio Through the use of his own photography and image editing, Dutch designer and visual artist Jesper Krijgsman assembles his natural elements digitally to create supernatural landscapes with a high level of detail. His aim is to amplify the mystical qualities found in nature and help revive a sense of passion for our natural world.

Digital Daydreams
2 0 1 8    P o r t f o l i o
The work of Zürich-based Dutch artist and designer Jesper Krijgsman has a classical sensibility: Lush and colorful compositions of an arcadian world one would encounter in a dream. The artist invites you to step out of our fast-paced and modern society and into a land where nature’s diversity is celebrated and mystical qualities are amplified.

Although his natural scenes are fictional, a sense of realism is added through a certain attention to detail. Instead of traditional painting, the artist digitally combines his hundreds of single photographs taken of plants, animals and textures to build his paradisical collages. By utilizing exclusively elements gathered from our natural world, the artist hopes to revive a sense of enchantment and appreciation for our environment.

Jesper Krijgsman was born in 1992 in Amsterdam.

M A Y ,  2 0 1 8 

Though millions of years, life emerged from one cell in the sea. This is what connects everything in our world. Our ability to connect with other organisms or things allows for new phenomena to emerge. We’ve developed social systems to maintain order and develop as a species. Since we are all connected on this planet, plants and animals could function similar to us. At times, it seems they are aware they are part of a whole being greater than the sum of its parts. With our compassion for another, we should be able to coexist and make way for new beautiful things to emerge.

Original artwork measures 125 x 180 cm

G O L D E N   A G E
A U G U S T ,  2 0 1 8 

We often refer to a time in the past of prosperity, peace and happiness as being the Golden age. A beautiful, endless spring in which the fruits of the earth are abundant. I like to dedicate this piece to our warmest and brightest days, and what lies ahead of us. Although a Golden Age is always in the past, our actions will make way for a new era of harmony and peace.

Original artwork measures 180 x 100 cm

N O V E M B E R ,  2 0 1 8 

In many stories of our civilizations, we’ve seen people with great devotion to another. Another character has been present alongside of us. Even though it is never portrayed as having an awareness, it is an omnipresent form of life and comes in the most magnificent colours and shapes. It is life in its purest form. It is deserving of our devotion.

Original artwork measures 180 x 180 cm

M A R C H ,  2 0 1 9 

As with animals, there are times when we all seek refuge. This could mean a hidden place, a safe area that protects us. Even in our minds, we sometimes wander to a space only for ourselves. This untouched ground is our sanctuary where we could rest and find clarity. May we all find our peace in our minds and our surroundings.

Original artwork measures 130 x 170 cm

E A R L I E R   W O R K S   2 0 1 6  –  2 0 1 7 

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