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Hunter Scully
Savannah College of Art and Design, United States
Fine Art - Photography
Category Semifinalist

The 2017 North American Solar Eclipse

Project Details:
The 2017 North America solar eclipse was a spectacle to be seen. This photo shows the stages of the eclipse.

Artist Statement (May 1, 2018):
As a motion graphic artist, I believe in using a wide variety of techniques and applying the right technique for the piece. From titles, logos, projections, and everything in between; motion graphics are nearly everywhere and incorporating them in to daily life to make for a more motion filled world.

Project Submission for the 2018 Adobe Awards.
Time-lapse footage of the lakefront view from the solar eclipse in Santee National Wildlife Refuge in Summerton, South Carolina.
August 21, 2017, was a long day with a very early start and a drive from Savannah, GA to Summerton, SC to get in the path of totality as seen in photos from my Snapchat above. I was happy to share this experience with friends Wesley Nelson, Erin McMahon, Lydia Bauer, Matt Van Rys, Houhan Wang, Sirius Zhang, Josh Franco, and John Nelson.
Additional event coverage can be found here courtesy of District.

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