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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

VERDANA — An IKEA Manual Typography Poster

Justin McKissick

University of Washington, United States

Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
Category Semifinalist
A Typography Poster featuring the history of Verdana as an homage to the iconic IKEA manual
VERDANA — An IKEA Manual Typography Poster
Inspired by IKEA and their recent font change to Verdana in 2011, this poster highlights some of the unique characteristics of the Verdana typeface in 3D diagrams as an homage to their iconic instruction manuals.
Combining historically-accurate information about the typeface with additional guidelines about its usage, this poster serves as further exploration of the visual language defined by IKEA and how it can be applied to denser material while maintaining their trademark style. 

Originally designed as a colored risograph, as more elements were added to the page I found black and white to be a better approach to highlight the 3-dimensional diagrams. Through further critique of the poster, changing from a 6 to 7 column-based grid and the introduction of small details such as the barcodes for individual "parts", shipping and handling icons, and type usage warnings really became the defining features of the work. 
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