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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design


Hannah Gaska

Bradley University, United States

Fine Art - Animation / Motion Graphics
Category Semifinalist
“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” – Ashley Montagu

“Moments” embraces experiences in a life, both big and small.  They may only last a split second during our lifetime, but can have a large impact on our existence.  It is because of these moments that we experience joy and anticipation for the next exciting adventure.

This capstone animation was created during my senior year at Bradley University.  Full production required two semesters utilizing Photoshop and After Effects.  As a 2D frame-by-frame animation, approximately 1200 frames were made to complete this project.  This film premiered during FUSE, Bradley University’s Interactive Media portfolio show (, at the Peoria Riverfront Museum on April 28, 2018.

The complete production process can be found at:

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