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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design


Stanley Dai

Academy of Art University, United States

Fine Art - Graphic Design / Print
Category Semifinalist
A new display typeface ready for use

Ogee is a Modern display typeface based on Didones of the late 18th to early 19th century.
This typeface was heavily influenced by the body of the classical instrument violin,
which dominated music of the period. To emphasize the feeling of delicacy and luxury,
Ogee was developed with extremely high contrast between its thicks and thins.

Ogee is like a violin, the idea of the ball terminals came from the shape of 
a violin’s pegbox and neck. The curves on some characters (f, g, s…) came
from the smooth outline of an F-Hole on a violin’s body. The pointy ascenders
and spurs of the lower case were inspired by the corners of a violin’s waist.

Minimum Font Size
Ogee should be set on screen at a minimum size of 36 pixels.
It works equality beautifully in print at a minimum point size of 24.

Font Style + Weight
Ogee offers one style and weight. It’s best to pair Ogee 
with a sans serif typeface for body copy.

OpenType Support
In addition to the complete glyph set, Ogee also includes 26 OpenType Swash 
Capitals, 13 minuscule OpenType Standard Ligatures, a full set of Western 
European diacritical characters, 10 numerals, and standard punctuation.

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