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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design

Living Small: A book about tiny homes

Jessica Perrin

University of Washington, United States

Commercial - Print / Graphic / Illustration
Category Semifinalist
Living Small: A book about the experience of living in small homes.

If limitations foster ingenuity, then tiny houses are some of the most creative places out there. In a world where “bigger is better,” I've always been inspired by the ways that people turn small spaces into beautiful homes. 

This book takes a uniquely personal, story-based approach that dives into the benefits of living small through interviews with four homeowners. With each person, I chatted about everything from remodeling rooms to finding space for sentimental items. Those candid answers create chapters for the backbone of the book, and then there are extra resources and case studies tucked in throughout.

This book was entirely my creation from start to finish; I developed the idea, conducted the interviews, designed the composition, and then hand-bound the final product.

Each interviewee got an introductory spread.
Instead of separating the interviews, every chapter has a topic that all interviewees spoke about.
Each person was assigned a color. That way, all content throughout the book from a single person could be easily followed, since the interviews were broken up between chapters.
Throughout the book, smaller fold out pages hold infographics that discuss general benefits of small living.
In addition to the infographics, each interviewee had a specific experience that the other two didn't have, and that story is showcased in mini pages. For example, Cédric and Laurence built their own home, while the others rented or bought.
These homes are really beautiful. The book is full of large images.

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