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by Jeong Ho Kang
Savannah College of Art and Design


Alexandher Peterson

University of South Dakota, United States

Commercial - Packaging Design
Project Brief:
ELYSIAN is a revolutionary cosmetics brand that focuses on innovating products that will shape the future of the make-up industry. The main focus of the project was to create a form of packaging that showcased the brand's emphasis on aesthetics, and originality, while also having a secondary functionality that encourages customers to keep their packaging instead of treating it as waste. This was accomplished by re-designing their brand identity from the ground up, and then developing a package design that was truly one of a kind.

The ELYSIAN brand is heavily centered around futuristic concepts and their target demographic is primarily female. With these two things in mind, the project began with logo development. The resulting mark utilized rounded shapes contrasted with sharp points to portray a sci-fi aesthetic that matched their futuristic vision. A pattern was also designed to be utilized throughout the rest of the project. Once the brand's identity had been established, I began to develop a direction for the packaging. The initial idea was a package that served a secondary purpose of being a make-up stand. Expanding on this concept, a cylinder-shaped package was envisioned, but what truly set this design apart was the top of the container. Similar to the way an iris diaphragm works in camera lenses, the package can be opened or closed by turning the top ring left, or right. The parts were designed in Adobe Illustrator and laser-cut to meet the level of precision needed to make this mechanism work smoothly. The final package features a circular base made up of 8 acrylic rods and 6 acrylic discs engraved with their custom pattern. The top of the cylinder showcases the 5-petal iris mechanism that is controlled by turning the top ring. With the iris in the open position, a make-up mirror is found directly underneath, and can be taken out or placed into the slot on the top ring to function as a self-standing make-up mirror. The products are found beneath the mirror, and each of them have been laser-engraved with their custom pattern to maintain consistency with the packaging. The complete ELYSIAN Make-up Kit includes:

     - Small Eye Liner Brushes with Pattern Engraved Handles (2)
     - Large Face Brushes with Pattern Engraved Handles (3)
     - Eye Shadow Glitter Capsules with Pattern Engraved Lids and Labels (3) 
     - Lip Gloss Vials with Engraved Lids (2)
     - Make-up Mirror with Engraved Logo (1)​​​​​​​

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